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GLC Galvanised Steel Folding IBC (1000Ltr).

Bag in Box Technology.
Rental Only.
For the transport and storage of non Hazardous Liquids. Food Stuffs, Non Hazardous Chemical applications and more……

Heavy duty Galvanised steel construction, manufactured from heavy gauge steel for the most demanding environments.
Forklift truck and pallet truck. Optional fork-loop arrangements available.
The dimensions of H1200mm x L1200mm x W1000mm and a 7 degree slope make this unit ideally suited to product that flows easily.
Pallet Racking compatible
Self stacking

The GLC Galvanised Steel foldable bag-in-box is a low cost rental option for the transport and storage of liquid products such as SCM, fruit juice, dairy products and cosmetics.
The GLC has a capacity of over 1000 litres, is built to last and has unrivalled strength.
Easy to assemble, fill and discharge.
Large outlets aid product discharge.

Metano Liquid Liners
2” and 3" cutter membrane and 2” and 3" butterfly valve liners. Available in 3 ply LLDPE, can be manufactured with intermediate barrier layers if required.
All Liners are manufactured by Metano to the highest standards in our BRC approved ISO validated clean room.
All Metano rental units are reusable and can be recycled at the end of life. Metano can offer a truly sustainable cradle to grave rental solution for all your liquid packaging needs.
Contact Metano Today for a rental Quote.

Assembly Products

(MET0000561) - Full Perimeter Base & 2 inch Valve plate with stacking lugs

(MET0000560) - Bolted double long loop without stacking lugs

(MET0000614) - Single Welded Loop 2" valve plate with stacking lugs.

(MET0000611) - Welded Short Double Loop with stacking lugs 2" Valve Plate

(MET0000563) - Full Perimeter Base 3 inch Valve Plate with stacking lugs

(MET0000562) - Bolted Double Long Loop & 2 inch Valve plate with stack lugs

(MET0000528) - Bolted Double Short Loop, no stack lugs, doc holder-2" Valve plate,

(MET0000615) - Single Welded Loop all sides with stacking lugs 2" Valve Plate

(MET0000705) - Single Short Bolted Loop with stacking lugs 2 inch Valve Plate