GLCS Folding Box - 2 x short welded loop on long side & fixed 2" Valve plate

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Product details

Galvanised Steel Folding IBC (500 Ltr). Bag in Box Technology
7 degree sloped base for liquid products, compatible with 2” & DN50 liquid Liners. Food Stuffs, Non Hazardous Chemical applications and more…… 
Forklift, Pallet truck, Racking.
H920mm x L1200mm x W800mm (Euro Pallet)
Welded Base 2 x short welded loop on long side
Welded 2" Valve Plate (Suitable for S60, DN50 and 2" BSP Valves and Galnds)

Assembly Products

(MET0001867) - GLCS 3 Top Panel Complete

(MET0002443) - GLCS No1 Left Panel Complete

(MET0002449) - GLCS Pallet Base (Welded Type) 2 x Short welded loops (left and right), welded 2" valve plate

(MET0002446) - GLCS No 2 Right Panel Complete

(MET0001865) - GLCS 3 Bottom panel complete

(MET0001872) - GLCS LID Complete

(MET0002448) - GLCS No 4 Back Panel Complete